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Terms and Conditions for Passengers using “Taxi Seen” Services

1. “Taxi Seen” Services

1.1 “Taxi Seen” offers the “Taxi Seen” Services to the passenger. The “Taxi Seen” Services consist solely of the obtaining taxi carriage services performed by SPSV (Small Public Service Vehicle) licensed vehicle (“Taxi”) upon request by a passenger. The “Taxi Seen” Services are provided to the passengers via the “Taxi Seen” website or “Taxi Seen” app or via the Third Party Website Services; the “Taxi Seen” Services allow the passenger to send a taxi order to potential taxi drivers and to communicate directly with the taxi driver that has accepted a taxi order. The actual taxi transportation services are provided by the taxi driver and the respective transportation contract will be concluded between the passenger and the taxi driver. “Taxi Seen” is neither responsible nor liable for the actual transportation services provided by the taxi driver, including but not limited to the availability of the taxi requested by the passenger.

1.2 Prior to using the “Taxi Seen” Services, the passenger must register. Registration requires input of the passenger's correct name, email address, and phone number. Successful registration is required to be able to use the “Taxi Seen” and entails confirmation of an SMS Activation Code being received at the phone number supplied. Use of Activation Code also confirms acceptance of the “Terms and Conditions. Services, by the “User”. During the registration process, the passenger will be able to identify and correct input errors before completion of the registration.

1.3 “Taxi Seen” does not charge the passenger any fees for the use of the “Taxi Seen” Services. The taxi driver will charge the passenger directly for any taxi transportation services (including any surcharges that may be required by local regulations, for example taxi tariff regulations). Furthermore, if the passenger uses Third Party Website Services, such third party may charge the passenger for such usage.

1.4 To the extent the passenger uses web-enabled mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs (hereinafter referred to as "mobile devices") to use the “Taxi Seen” Services, “Taxi Seen” provides to the passenger free of charge software (hereafter referred to as "Taxi Seen App") subject to the requirement and conditions of these Terms and Conditions, which the passenger may install or use on the mobile end-device.

1.5 The passenger is, at their expense, solely responsible for the internet access necessary to access the “Taxi Seen” Services, the technical requirements (including necessary updates), and the configuration and capability of the device (including mobile devices) for using the “Taxi Seen” Services and the Taxi Seen App.

1.6 “Taxi Seen” is not responsible for the correctness or completeness of the data being transmitted by the “Taxi Seen” Services or for data reaching the passenger in a timely manner.

2. Location data

2.1 Upon passenger's selection, the Taxi Seen App may determine the passenger's location in order to provide the “Taxi Seen” Services. For further details in relation to “Taxi Seen”'s use of location data and other personal data, please see our Privacy Statement Policy available at

EU e-Privacy Directive